John S. Kinnard
working in his shop
circa 1980
Heritage Guitars Label1
Heritage Octave Guitar
Headstock 1977

Heritage Mandola 1976
Maples sides, back, redwood top
Maple and Ebony Rope

Heritage Octave Guitar

Heritage Guitar Works

John began restoring vintage stringed instruments back in the mid seventies with his then business partner, Peter Webster. Together they started Heritage Guitar Works in Clovis, California where they built and repaired various stringed instruments from guitars and mandolins to banjos and zithers.

It was at this time that John started to hone his skills with dramatic inlaid work on his instruments.

John loved his work so much, that he often built elaborate instruments with delicate inlaid workmanship. In true hippy fashion, he often gave his instruments away to friends and family.

John S. Kinnard at Heritage Guitar works
John S. Kinnard
John Kinnard with his Mandolin circa 1976

Heritage 16 String Guitar 1976
Vermillion sides, back, birds eye maple center strip, Spruce top, Mahogoney Neck

Heritage Guitars Label1
In the early days, John would hand-draw the labels
and make each one indiviually unique from the next.