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Dell 'Arte Guitars:

Hommage to Jacques Favino
Jacques Favino

Jimmy Rosenberg Guitar Front
Jimmy Rosenberg

Angelo Debarre Guitar Front
Angelo Debarre

5053 Legend Guitar Front
503 Legend

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Who's Playing Guitars Made by John S. Kinnard?

Peer into the sound hole of many of the top Gypsy Jazz player's guitars of our time, and you have a good chance of seeing one of John's "Handcrafted by John S. Kinnard" labels. Although, not just Gypsy Jazz players love his work! Many guitar and ukulele players have come to discover the fine workmanship and an appreciation of John's craft.

Jimmy Rosenberg Jimmy Rosenberg guitar

Jimmy Rosenberg

Jimmy Rosenberg, one of the most technically proficient and creative Gypsy guitarists of this generation.

Jimmy Rosenberg owns several of John's guitars, and has often sported his CD covers with John's handcrafted Dell' Arte guitar work.

Order the Dell' Arte Jimmy Rosenberg Guitar Model

Angelo Debarre

Angelo Debarre

Incontestably one of Django's heirs, Angelo Debarre has a strong musical identity firmly planted in the pure Jazz Manouche tradition. The Dell' Arte brand has a model named after this impressive artist, and John Kinnard's Dell' Arte Guitars appear on many of his CD album artwork.

Angelo Debarre Watch YouTube video of Angelo Debarre and friends playing "There Will Never Be Another You"

Order the Dell' Arte Angelo Debarre Guitar Model

Raul Reynoso Royal Street CD

Raul Reynoso

Raul Reynoso is the guitarist, singer and composer of "Royal Street" CD and others.

Raul is also the Lead Guitarist and vocalist of Rythm Brothers.Delighting audiences around the world since 1980, this versatile quartet combines instrumental wizardry, rich harmony vocals, and comedy, all served with a sense of excitement that is sure to please any audience.

Kruno Spisic

Kruno Spisic

Kruno Spisic, shown here on the cover of his "Gypsy Jazz Guitar" CD, with his Dell' Arte guitar made by John S. Kinnard appearing on the front cover and the back.

Kruno fuses Gypsy Jazz with Eastern European folk traditions with Django Swing.

Barry BigB Brenner

Barry "BigB" Brenner

A Dell' Arte 12-String Guitar made by John S. Kinnard is seen here on
Barry "BigB" Brenner's Blues CD. Brenner has been playing guitar and performing traditional American music for well over 35 years.

David DeLoach playing his Dell' Arte guitar built by John Kinnard

David Deloach A resource for musicians to take their playing to new places. Angelo Debarre This site will help you become a master musician, one who can play the music that your are hearing in your heart!

Also visit where you can purchase video lessons of Master Guitarist, David Deloach, as well as order his book, "Play Skillfully".

David is featured above in his book playing his Dell' Arte Dreadnought model built by John S. Kinnard.

Paul Mehling

Paul Mehling

Guitarist Paul Mehling has been the leader of the 'Hot Club of San Francisco' for several years and has recorded many CDs in the gypsy-swing tradition of Django Reinhardt and the 'Hot Club de France'. Paul has appeared at festivals throughout the world dedicated to Django Reinhardt and other jazz manouche musicians. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist (guitar, violin, bass, plectrum and tenor banjo, mandolin), Paul is internationally recognized as one of the leading players in the gypsy tradition.

The Hot Club of San Francisco Paul also authors the column 'Gypsy Guitar' for Flatpicking Guitar magazine and has produced four videos for Homespun Tapes teaching Django-Style Gypsy Jazz Guitar.

The Hot Club of San Francisco is an all acoustic string troupe of violin, string bass and guitars.

Here is just a sample of more Guitarists with John S. Kinnard's famous Dell' Arte guitar work on their CDs:

Tom Conway Titi Demeter Trio Ned Boynton

Tom Conway

Titi Demeter Trio

Ned Boynton




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